Imperial Cork manufactures two types of cork stoppers.

  • Natural cork stoppers
  • Colmated cork stoppers
  • It also sells 1+1 cork stoppers

We can manufacture natural cork stoppers of other sizes to order.

The Best Selection

Imperial Cork selects and treats the best cork strips to produce a quality product. We use cutting-edge technology, laser slicing machines, 3D electronic selection machines, softening machines, etc.

Quality Controls 

Our stoppers’ technical specifications strictly comply with international.> manufacturing standards. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is ISO 9001:2015 certified and our Food Safety Management System is ISO-22000:2005 certified. -

Further information on “Quality”

productos imperial cork

Natural Cork Stopper

tapon corcho natural imperial cork

Standard Size

38 x 23 mm

39 x 24 mm

44 x 25 mm

49 x 26 mm

54 x 32 mm

Standard specifications

super flor, flor, extra, premier, primera, segunda, tercera

Technical data strips

picto pdf

Colmated Cork Stopper

tapon corcho colmatados imperial cork

Standard Size

38 x 24 mm

44 x 24 mm

49 x 24 mm


Standard specifications

colmate-extra,  colmate-super, colmate-A, colmate-B, colmate-C, colmate-F

Technical data strips

picto pdf

1+1 Cork Stopper

tapon corcho 1 1 imperial cork

Standard Size

44 x 23,5 mm





1+1 calidad "A",  1+1 calidad "B",  1+1 calidad "C"


  Technical data strips

picto pdf